10 April 2014

Mid-Week Pick Up

Congrats, you've made it through most of the week! I did it via tooth and nail, but I hear there's some seriously wonky business going on in the universe so if you struggled too, give yourself a pass. 

Here's some mid-week motivation delivered in overly optimistic, supaa kawaiii packages. I'm an eternal pessimist, but the cute things always get to me. 

Art by Chibird!

05 April 2014


Here's the other half of the flower-power photoshoot I styled recently. You can catch the first part right here, featuring handpainted tshirts by DMae Clothing.

I love the clean lines and colors of the smock dress/maxi dress paired with the vibrant burst of the floral garlands. I don't think the flowers-in-hair trend is ready to be put in the ground yet, and I'm fine with it! It's cute. The best way to wear it without looking like you got lost on the way to a Coachella party is to let it stand on its own -- let it be the statement piece. Frame it with natural hair and neutral colors.

Photography by Mary Tap
Makeup/Hair by Beth Aurora
Styled by Amen Fashion (meeee!)

23 March 2014

† This Post Has Punk Rock Owls

It's been two months since I've updated, whaaaat?? I don't know how that happened. I feel like I'm busy all the time, but I don't have much to show for it except a tiny Hollywood apartment and 1/16 of the clothes I used to have. (I came here with 2 suitcases and I still live out of them daily.)

Right now I'm waiting for my bedding to come out of the dryer -- moment of silence for freshly washed blankets and towels all warm and delicious smelling, SO GOOD -- so I was putzing around in my old folders analyzing past outfits.

Dress by Stylestalker, studded denim jacket by Topshop.

That's what I was wearing this time last year. I was in Utah and it was a rare not-freezing day, so I tromped around in the mountains with the valley spread out below me. 

Later that day I got certified to deal with blood-borne pathogens. TRUE STORY.

Dress by Nasty Gal, jewelry by Verameat.

These days I take slightly better pictures (OR DO I?) and am more blond, but I still haven't figured out how to wear things with actual color in it. I am a work in progress, like all things, except for Beyonce who wakes up perfect.