02 March 2015

† Futurescapes

(wearing x-ray shift dress by COREY, patent leather boots by dr martens)

Greetings from sunny LA! Coming from the snowy doom-filled depths of Utah, I had never imagined a world where I could lounge on the beach in a swimsuit in March, but it's happening. Actually, I had never even imagined a world where I liked the beach (all that sun eww) but these days I'm constantly pestering people to go with me. 

Though just like the dog that probably can't change its spots, I'll still be there in all black.

I've started watching Bates Motel and this mini dress totally reminds me of it: I love the electric blue against black. The composition book is actually a tablet case -- so cute.  I've been using the LG G Pad 7.0 tablet lately since it's much more purse-friendly than an iPad or laptop.

Photography by the ever lovely TAPPERINTO.

16 July 2014

Getting Started in Fashion + Taking Shortcuts When Necessary: Amuze.com

As crazy and mindblowing as LA is, it keeps trying to set me up to lead a lifestyle that I can't really afford yet. People wear Yohji Yamamoto like sweats and spend $45+ on (unpasteurized!!! think of your health!!!) juice but I'm still counting out quarters to see when I can do a load of laundry. I've seen some casual, meet up for a cup of coffee to go over work, snack bills that reached into the triple digits.

The reality of working in fashion is this: you're not going to make a lot of money until you've earned your (hopefully well-coordinated and seasonally appropriate) stripes. In the meantime, you put in hard work, meet as many people as you can, learn to accept favors gracefully... and never pass up a discount. 

When I was intro'd to Amuze.com, I clicked around the site with progressively wider and wider anime eyes. The discount is strong with this one, you guys. It's a member's-only, flash sale website, a familiar concept at this point, but the difference is they have serious designer pieces -- not names that you haven't heard of but the price point makes you wonder if you should -- but names that you definitely know (and if not we can't be friends. sry.) Gucci. Valentino. Jimmy Choo. Saint Laurent. Amuze.com means serious business. 

Discount Valentino at Amen Fashion

Exhibit A: the perfect summer shoe, Leather & Polka Dot Wedge Sandal by Red Valentino, originally $425, now $90, on Amuze

Go check it out & don't forget to tell me what you score!