30 April 2015

† The Dandy

fashion blogger la wearing corey lynn calter dress

red lips and black and blue stripes

Corey Lynn Calter striped blue dress, red lips, and blond

Party dress in black and blue

Pegasus Jeffrey Campbell Oil Slick heel

Dress: COREY (Similar) / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Rings: Verameat / Lips: Stila

I do a lot of part-time work to make that moneyyyyy. I love my day job in fashion PR but LA is not a cheap place to live and I have a closet to fill up with shoes that I'll wear once and then never again. (But they make me happy, and that's what matters, I'm told.) This weekend's job was seating at... The Daytime Emmy Awards. Yeeessss. Yes. Days of Our Lives crew and cast, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and all the other daytime soaps crew and cast showed up at Warner Bros for their Emmy chance.

Tbh I didn't recognize any of them as I haven't seen a daytime soap since approx 1997 but Tyra Banks hosted and it was fairly intimate and quaint. Not what I would have expected from something with Emmy in the title, but I guess they scale it down for the soap stars.

I walked away feeling like I had a lot to learn about daytime tv, so maybe my next step in life is to take a week to watch every Young and the Restless episode. Just maybe.

Do you guys watch daytime tv? Any favorites?

Photography by the talented TAPPERINTO.

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