23 May 2012

daily steals † lana del rey style

this post is furnished courtesy of the nordstrom half-yearly sale. i'm going to be honest, i'm a little eyebrow-raisey over half-yearly. is that different from biannual? what is yearly and why do we only want half of it? what about the other half of the yearly? if it's yearly, why is it half? i understand yearly sales, and i understand half-year sales, but if it's half it can't be yearly too.

these are the things that keep me awake at night.

the good news is that there are a lot of cute finds in this mysterious sale. i present them to you now.

i love the sheer, chiffon trend this summer. it makes me want to do my hair in loose curls and pretend like i'm lana del rey. just without all the relationship drama. i have enough going on between remembering to feed my cats and showing up to work on time.

two bandeaus for the price of one! unfortunately, i don't think that means you get to wash it half as often too.

now for some candy-sweet accesories. 

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