19 May 2012

what i'm wearing † dollarstore westwood

  • sparkle & fade elliptic slip, Urban Outfitters, 14.99
  • harajuku mini plaid punk pants, Target, 9.98
  • red men's cardigan, H&M, gift
  • converse slip on, Nordstrom Rack, bought in olden days of old
  • sunglasses, H&M, 5.95
underneath the slip is just a plain black camisole. i'd been eyeballing those pants for several weeks but regularly priced they were beyond my budget. i'm glad i didn't pick them up when i first saw them -- a few weeks later there was a size 14/16 on sale. win.  this was the first time i've worn this together, but it's going to be put into more frequent rotation -- comfortable, weather-fluid, and fun to swoosh around in.

fun fact: dress is outta the women's section, cardi is mens, pants are girls, shoes are boys. it pays to be a multisectional shopper.

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