03 June 2012

what i'm wearing † oh cloudy world

one of the caveats of fa-shun blah-ging is that you start to second- and third-guess what you wear. i'm in sort of a rut as far as ~inspiration~ goes, so i tried to pick a theme for this coordinate.

... no, it wasn't pastel lisa frank. it was national donut day. duh. i might've missed the mark as far as, uh, translating a donut into clothes, but i like the color combination and i love any excuse to wrap a sweater around the waist. it's like a belt but much more practical.

i also think i've finished my weekly hair-color-changes -- at least for a month or two. i see everyone doing the ombre thing, fade dark to light, and i always kinda wince imagining how much they spent getting that done in a salon. for better or for worse, i do everything cosmetic myself. i was trying for a blond-to-pink fade, and i think it worked? i like it!

  • blouse and sweater, from the depths of my closet
  • jeans, forever 21
  • white patent boots, dr. martens
  • metallic bracelets, lia sophia
  • silver and pink ring, guess
  • plastic block ring, h&m
  • mauve stone bracelet, kafkakisses by olivia lufkin

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