25 July 2012

what i'm wearing mini-post! † pointy neon nails

no matter how many cute outfits i see bloggers post that use neon colors, i have never managed to get behind the trend. it's not something i can picture hanging up in my closet! :( i thought i was forever doomed to enjoy the neon craze on the sidelines...

then i put it on my nails. and now i'm addicted. it's fun and eye-catching and works as a rad accessory to any number of outfits.

the color i'm wearing here is waikiki by a brand of nail polish called island girl hawaii. it was gifted to me for my birthday, and i wasn't able to find it online.

here are a few close ones from amazon:

i love the pointy nail style as seen on lana del rey and katy perry and so on, so i've filed my nails into that shape. i chose to keep the half-moon shape where my cuticles are unpainted just to do something a little different. to get the same look you can curve a sheet of paper into a crescent shape and hold it against your nail when you paint it. it's easy to tidy up with the tip of your fingernail.

what do you guys think?


  1. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog! Wow, what a bold color! I love deep french(?) too. A bit harder than the regular ones that you paint just the tip tho. lol :)


    the ayumi aspect

  2. visited your blog, love it. i'd be happy to follow you.

  3. Nice color!

    Would be great if you come to my blog and see if you like to follow!
    Chica de Ahora

  4. wow that orange is super bright and cheery!
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. wow girlie!! cute yellow nails!!!

  6. my darling these nails are great you now have a new follower with bloglovin pls support me back many kisses from,

  7. I love that yellow nail polish! =)


  8. I love long, pointy nails too but long nails drive me crazy!! They look amazing on you and love the half-moon mani xo

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