30 September 2012

† Flora, Fauna

finally giving the leopard + floral a try! i tend to love patterns on patterns, but i don't really like floral or leopard so it took a while to try out this combo. (it doesn't jive with my ideal closet consisting only of black, white, and dior grey.)

happy sunday, everyone. i hope it's a good day. i have a busy schedule of homework and watching national geographic documentaries on youtube.

  • dress, tights, jewelry, Forever 21
  • leopard boot, Karmaloop
  • hair donut!!!, H&M

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  1. like teh hair donut plus your grey dress

  2. Thanks for the comment - happy to return the favor!
    Loving your leopard touch, too!

  3. still obsessed with this look.

  4. I love your style and inspirations. You're really original <3

    Thank you for your comment! I'm following you. Could you follow me back? :3


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