16 March 2013

† Denim CAT$

This sweater is a big hit with the kids. (And anyone on hallucinogens, probably? Selective neon pink floating cats. Trippy.) I'm pleased to present the first and only pair of blue jeans I own. I've got respect for the classic denim jean, but it's not really spiked / gauzy / oversized enough to be a mainstay in my closet. In fact, these jeans are so old they're from Anchor Blue, which is so not even a thing anymore. Does anyone remember that place? If I had to guess, I'd pin their purchase date around 2005, which makes them less than a decade old!

Speaking of decade-old clothing, the Converse I almost wore with this outfit made their debut into my life in 2001. Those shoes have spent more time in class than some grade school students. 

Three cheers for unretouched clear skin! Despite Dove's questionable marketing techniques -- check out Refinery 29's article on their new "photoshop app" if you haven't already -- their bar soap is all I'll use on my skin. Everyone has their sworn makeup routine; there's mine.


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