04 March 2013

† Girls in Bands Make Great Fashion.

It was LIGHT OUTSIDE when I walked to work this morning. Usually it's still dark when I get there, but today we had sun! I'm willing to bet tomorrow we'll have sun too. I think it's a thing now. A thing where the sun comes out at a proper time.

It also means that everything is melting which is awesome because I can commence wearing clothes I like. It gets cold here in the winter and I bundle up. No one wants to see pictures of me dressed like an alpaca.

I've been scouting brands to put on my wishlist, and my favorite I've come across so far is Freak of Nature. 

Freak of Nature is the style child of Vanessa Kortlang, launched August 2012 and picked up to be stocked on the ASOS website right away. The brand's Facebook page is right here and is obviously too hot for life.

They describe themselves as:
Straddling the line between glamour and grunge with a huge dose of in your face attitude, FREAK OF NATURE is inspired by the darker side of counter culture.

Perfect, basically. Here are some of my favorite pieces stocked by ASOS:

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