30 March 2013

† Shooting Star

Got this shirt at POPKILLER in Los Angeles a few years ago. They collab'd with Hot Topic somewhat recently (or Hot Topic just became a stockist?) but I think most, if not all, of those pieces are sold out. I did, however, pay a lot more for it than the $24 the same style is going for on their website. The price of being ahead of trend?

Wearing an off-brand glittery star cardi that I gleaned for $5 at Macy's One Day Sale that went down a few days ago. I felt like a BANDIT with all the awesome stuff I snagged for super cheap. I'd been wanting this Material Girl sequin moto for months but the $69 price tag was too daunting. It is now hanging in my closet and I'm only out $25. Thank you for hooking me up and making me spend all my money, Macy's One Day Sale.

H&M grey maxi skirt and shoes you can't see, so will remain a mystery! Feel free to take guesses. Winner gets... I have no idea, winner might as well name their prize too.

Bonus picture of oversized xray glasses? Why not! (Come at me, Scott Summers. I'll take you down.)


  1. Nice H&M skirt and :) Hahaha okay the shoes are forever never to be known :P

    Lemon Kitty (I just really like cats okay)

  2. I like the title, very clever, babe.;) I want that Popkiller shit, it's frigging perfect!!


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