09 June 2013

† P.R.I.

Dishonesty and misrepresentation are things people can sense moments into meeting you and getting to know you -- and I think that this power is particularly potent online. I look at a lot of blogs (and I'm sure you guys do too) and you can really feel the lack of it with some people. Then there are personalities who are capable of ramming you with a semi-truck of honesty: the wreckage is there, take it or leave it. I've seen bloggers start that way then gradually fade into something more artificial as they gain more attention because their openness and vulnerability was so endearing and well-received.

You guys are familiar with Lily from Bleed for Fashion and Selena, the Siren of Mod, right? That. That's what I'm talking about. Their particular sartorial style doesn't really sit with my gloomy-grunge-glam-spaceship-pentacle-cottoncandy & oversized black stuff preferences, but they are so engaging and open as women & writers that it doesn't even matter.

What I'm trying to get to here is a wordy rationalization for posting snaps of my hanging-around-the-house clothes. For reals. I got home, took off my cute Topshop dress, and snagged the least cumbersome/lightest things I could find because it is HOT.

Crop top by Actual Pain, some assembly required for Pavi the cat.


  1. T-shirt is fantastic, I really like prints like this!


  2. You have a very unique style! Love the pattern of the skirt.

  3. Love your skirt! :)
    Cats really love to photobomb. :))

    Thank you for visiting my blog. ;)
    Would you like us to follow each other? Let me know. :)


  4. I love this post! I find the same kind of thing all the time where you see a blog go from being a lovely, honest, true personality to artificial and obviously begging for views/money. It really is the downfall.

    On the other hand this outfit is super cute! Who cares if it's not pink and purple with sparkles. You rock it anyway :)


  5. love your skirt and shoes! looking gorgeous! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  6. thanks for the comment girlie, super diggin this topknot. xx


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