10 August 2013


In case you weren't on the internet for the last few months, Comic-Con happened in San Diego. If it didn't take over your Twitter and Facebook feeds, you can probably take that as a sign that you need more geek friends. Geeks will inherit the earth, after all.

I got to go for the first time this year... kind of! I didn't have a ticket to the actual convention, but I had never been to San Diego before and (correctly) assumed that with an event as big as Comic-Con is there would be enough happening around the convention center to entertain me for a day.

Spent a lot of time here getting free food and soda, and the ever important unlimited access to power outlets and bathrooms.

The family that dresses up as Jedi together.......

Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland. Yes on all counts.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey Jon. Lookin good.

These guys were actors, riiiiight? (The giant mirror cube was not an actor. That thing was for real.)

Wearing and loving my oversize, loose-knit sweater by Only from ASOS. It is the comfiest, fulfills my desires for all things baggy and oversized, and I am ready to move into it. Now leasing.

Did any of you guys go to Comic-Con, or is everyone just tired of hearing about it?


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<3 Macie