07 May 2012

daily steals † pamela love

can i be pamela love when i grow up? for real, i need this to happen. not only is this bitch classy, successful, and creative, but she's hot too.

LOOK AT HER. (the only con i can think of: she has to deal with journalists and reporters making cutesy puns from her last name. poor girl.) she went to tisch, she's inspired by hieronymous bosch, and she's even too cool for me to call her out on having hipster tattoos.

i would sacrifice small children in the name of fashion to get that cuff on my arm. .... but with the awesome of her designs comes way too many zeros after the dollar sign. i've hunted down some of the more affordable pamela love designs -- and here they are.

d a i l y  s t e a l s

$77 † Day of the Dead Double Finger Ring in Antique Silver

get it at Forward by Elyse Walker.

$149 † Spectrum Pyramid Double Stud Ring
get it at Barneys New York.

$109.50 † Porcupine Drop Earrings

$103.50 † Porcupine Ring

$144.90 † Porcupine Ring

get them at ShopBop.

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