07 May 2012

daily steals † metallic & studs & a bit of casual

all of my favorite things are in this post: fringe, studs, leather, sequins, metallics, spikes. just bury my body in a box of those, k. cut up madonna's early 80's wardrobe and put my corpse on it when i die. none of that "bury me in saaaatin, lay me down on a bed of roooseesss" no. fringey studded leather or i'm coming back to haunt you guys. 

pro-tip: if you're trying to stand out in a classy way, go with a silver or gold shoe. it's fun and bold and almost always looks expensive. i just picked up a pair of silver slip-ons for $3 at a thrift store, but if i hadn't i would be all over these:

i suspect the reason this dress is on sale is because it doesn't photograph that well. the back is adorable, and on close-up view, the sequin pattern is very intricate. (it would look cute with the pewter shoes, just sayin' y'all.)
$15 GET IT (Available in small only.)

 spiky gold dangly ear hooks? yeeesss, it's like they know all of my weaknesses. these come as a pair, and truth be told, i think it's overkill to wear both at the same time. i'd rock just one at a time. despite being "ear hooks," there's probably a lot you can do with them -- tuck them in a clip for a hair accessory, hook it from a belt loop or handbag... (SIIIGGH i really want these.)

studs are in right now, but what's also true is that studs and leather are never going to be out of fashion. ask the ghost of sid vicious. studded leather is iconic. it's always going to be stylishly edgy. what makes this find even more rad (besides being less than $25) is that no cute cows were skinned in the making of this handbag. vegan leather for the win!

bonus find:
this is so versatile and comfy-looking. you could wear it with tights and a blazer for a dressier look, with sandals and a hobo bag for beach-casual, or ... any number of ways, really.
$27 †  GET IT (Available in large only.)

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