07 May 2012

heads up † all under $10, free shipping

attention shoppers, there is a sa-- okay, no, i won't go there. BUT where i will go is to plndr, a division of karmaloop that currently has a ton of shit under $10 with free shipping to boot.

if you're quick, there are a few really neat finds. i'm looking at this vest that's 91% off and down to $10. i'm not quite sure how i'd style it but i think it has potential.

$9.99 † Fur and Fringe Vest in Brown

i'm definitely going to pick up one of the hellz bellz tees. i've loved that brand for a long time (for any kpop fans out there, the girls of 2ne1 wear that brand somewhat regularly) and it appears to finally be time for me to own a piece of heeellllll........z.
$8 † Authentic Shit Tee

don't be afraid to shop from the men's section if you're a ladygirl (or vice versa, for the ladyboys.) fashion knows no gender, as kurt hummel says. seriously, it's just fabric. you're cutting the potential power of your wardrobe in half by limiting yourself. (wait, isn't that the argument they use for bisexuality too?)

here's a cool find from the section of man.
$6.99 † X-Ray Skull Tee in Black

one more thing i've got my eyes on is this watch. things that are sort of kitschy like this are very hard to stick a date on, which makes them wearable for a long time. my fear of all things that include color fortunately doesn't apply to accessories, because this is rad.
$8.99 † The Voxxx Mr. Wrister Watch in Light Blue

click here to go to the full overnight sale. it runs for another 11 hours, 9pm to 9am.

** if you're not a member of plndr, there's little harm in signing up. i'm wary of membership-only sites, but plndr isn't too annoying with emails and the sales are great.

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