05 June 2012

thierry mugler † amen's unofficial scent

                  $78 † Alien by Thierry Mugler

the first thing worth noting about the thierry mugler scent collection is that THE BOTTLES ARE NEAT. they look expensive and kitsch and fun all at once. alien is a more functional design than angel -- and both are miles above a*men in terms of appearance. true story, when i went to pick up angel, it took a moment to figure out how to hold it.

user error? maybe. 

$50 † Angel by Thierry Mugler
(that picture makes the angel design look deceptively simple. just sayin'.)

 scent is tricky for me -- i can't handle scented laundry detergent or lotion or what have you, so i'm going to pass on giving commentary on how the perfume smells. i'd leave it at "pretty bottles! yay thierry mugler!" were it not for...

$58 † A*men by Thierry Mugler

i didn't realize it was called a*men until i was looking it up later, then i had no choice but to wallow in a moment of serendipity. i LOVED the way this smelled. i hereby declare it the (un)official scent of amen fashion. i wish the bottle (flask?) was more attractive, but i suppose it's a different game when packaging cologne.

overall: the women's fragrances are nice to look at, but i'd wash them off. i want a*men. now.

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