07 June 2012

what i'm wearing † it's more couture if you don't smile

i tried to keep a straight face for these and failed so much. maybe i'll try smizing next time.

  • blouse, forever 21, $3.99
  • striped jean, motel, $43.49
  • tan bootie, endless, $21.00
  • bracelets, forever 21 & lia sophia
the day before i wore something that i literally had to be taped into to ensure everyone's general safety, so i wanted something comfortable and relaxed today. i snagged these pants from motel's 24 hour sale on asos. i dithered back and forth over whether not to get them, initially, but i'm glad i did. they're comfortable! and stripey! the shoes are a very lucky purchase -- they might even deserve their own post.


  1. So rocker chic! I love this look!

    1. and it was comfortable! definitely something to wear again. :)

  2. :D thank you. i'm really happy with it right now.


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