26 June 2012

what i'm wearing † think of me as programmable soda

i was in dire need of a haircut so i sat down with a pair of kitchen scissors and took a few inches off my hair. no regrets, and $20+ saved. if i was to have a style maxims, they'd be something like: 1) when in doubt, overdress. 2) diy before you pay to have someone else do it. 3) never ever sleep in makeup oh my gosh do not do it ever do you understand ok NEVERRRRR. 

it's the kind of hot outside right now where you can see the heat rising from the pavement. long days, lots of sunlight, sleep as a series of cat naps. time slows down and gives you all the reason you need to take long walks just because.

since we haven't figured out how to encapsulate that feeling, i'll just listen to "call me maybe" a lot so i can play it later in winter and trick myself into thinking that it's warm outside. i'm totally programmable like that.

  •  geo print bodysuit, Motel
  •  boots, Franco Sarto
  • spiked tan headband, Urban Outfitters
  • fringe purse, H&M

the lovely Kimber Rose snapped these shots for me. click on her name to check out her insanely gorgeous art.


  1. irony: I've been hacking inches off my hair for the last day or so, using the weird upside down ponytail trick! I'm about to do more. TWINSIES??? (yours is way shorter than mine tho)

  2. Wow your hair is amazing! I swear if I could even do half a good as job as you I'd be trimming my weave too! And I completely agree with the no sleeping with make-up thing, urgh the next morning is never a good look!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely day


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