13 July 2012

what i'm wearing † like a skyscraper

it's been so long! i was traveling a lot/feeling sick a lot/generally full of ennui and the first things i tend to abandon when i feel that way are the things i really love. unfortunately, those are also the things you really need, so.

so much color in this outfit, especially for me! the dress is a little bit too short to wear without something underneath it, so i paired it with the most neutral leggings i own. i like the yellow/green & pink combination -- may revisit that in the future.

  • poppy field print dress, Motel, $28.17
  • pink darren criss glasses, street fair, $5
  • hair donuts!, H&M, $2.95
  • boots, leggings, old & gifted


  1. I love this outfit! So cute! The 1st picture is so far my favorite picture of you! You look absolutely stunning. I love it! Sooooo Gorgeous!!!

  2. Love your hair!! It is awesome! And the print on your dress is awesome!

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