14 September 2012

what i'm wearing † state fair

the state fair!: a time to come together as a community and look at cows! a time to put your children on questionable spinny rides and hope for the best! a time to watch old people with oxygen tanks square dance! above all, a grand opportunity to spend the rest of the day sneezing and rubbing your eyes from all the straw and the things it hides underneath itself.

not one to miss this (never!) i prepared a special state fair outfit to serve up some realness.

not pictured: the speed with which i walked away.

here we have the army surplus bag with necessities, giant sunglasses to keep nature away from as much of my face as possible, and the maybe one opportunity i get per year to break out cowboy boots with no irony whatsoever. 

i unexpectedly caught myself loving the americana trend. two things won me over: charlene kaye in these killer leggings (giant photo warning), and the flag print JC's.


  1. The cowboy boots look brilliant! :) love the look

  2. YAY A LITTLE MONSTER, in love with the vest and the headpiece, you look so prettyyyy<3 work it black Jey-suzssss

    mind following each other, dear?


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