16 September 2012

Yolandi Sunday

i can spend forever looking at pictures of yolandi vi$$er from die antwoord. once i got over the initial "whaaaa?" the first time i heard them, i had to go listen to everything ever, basically. regardless of whether you think they're progressive or just nuts, it's hard to deny that yolandi has a killer signature look.


  1. I really like her music and I like that she owns her style she does whatever she wants form head to toe. i could never pull of that look but good for her!

  2. i love her ... and weirdly enough, she's the one person i can think of that makes me want to embrace my blonde & fair skinned-ness.

  3. She is really cool..i like her style

  4. Honestly, can't say I love the hairstyle but her outfits are sudusdhsaaaaaaaaawesome :3

    /LauraElizabeth (。・ω・。) @
    ♥ Black Velvet Hearts ♥

  5. Yeah, I'm painfully in love with Yolandi.


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