19 September 2012

what i'm wearing † starships

I think this is the least expensive outfit I've worn so far, which is saying something when my penchant for $2.99 flannel is taken into account. Excepting the gator ring, everything cost less than $5. And while we're talking about it, I need to draw from the collective knowledge of the internet. Is it an alligator or crocodile??

  • metallic crop top (worn backwards and tied), H&M
  • silver threaded skirt, F21
  • pewter slip ons, thrifted
  • gator? ring, Guess
There are some really rad things that I have coming up -- a DIY post, and interviews with the gorgeous Sebastian Simon and the rockin' Emily Long. Check back!

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  1. Love your skirt,nice blog, if you got a sec, check out my blog, and maybe we can follow each other?

  2. I LOVE this look, space goddess!

    Hybid Hunter


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