09 October 2012

† Catherine Wheel

Am I asleep in the last picture? I will not say.

I'm still defiantly wearing sleeveless things. I may do this until it snows. After the first snow fall I turn into small creature shrouded by a giant puffy jacket shell. Similar to a snail. Or a turtle.

Another super comfy GoJane dress. I'll probably wear it for the next two weeks. Check the return of the zebra purse and the snake girl necklace. It's like I'm accessorizing with the Animal Planet.

Any Glee fans? (Let's be real, the only people who say "Gleeks" are people who aren't fans.) Santana Lopez wore this same vest in the episode "Born This Way" from season 2. 

Did I get it because of her?


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  1. those wedges are THE BUSINESS. that whole outfit is, actually, and you know how i feel about santy things. you should do a glee-inspired week where you wear one or more pieces featured on a character. this is my decree.

  2. You are such a fashionista! However, I would like to see a video of you walking in those shoes. I am a wedge/heel girl, but I just think I would fall down and break something in those.

  3. Love love love this outfit! Everything from your top knot to your dress is perfection! You look stunning, dear xx

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  4. oh my goodness, how divine this vest is! :o and the way you styled it is perfect, love your sense of style ♥

  5. Great style, shoes are amazing!
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    Let me know please!


  6. Love this look! The shoes are epic - but how easy (or not) are they to walk in? x



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