11 October 2012

† Pierrot

Black and white, Docs, and purple lipstick! ♥ I want a closet full of Docs, a pair for every color of the rainbow. I love these black patent heeled ones, and bright purple and matte pink 1460s.

Have you guys been watching Face Off this season? It's a special effects makeup/reality competition show. It comes on Syfy in the US, Space in Canada. If you're sans cable like I am, Hulu has the first few episodes of the season up. (I t looks like the Space website has some episodes online if you can't access Hulu.) I'm a science fiction geek, I love art and makeup, so I've watched all three seasons with starry anime eyes. Catch up on this season! I have an interview coming up with Alana Rose Schiro, and she is such a doll. She's an incredible artist with incredible style.

And onto the outfit breakdown...

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  1. Those shoes are wonderful! Gotta love Dr. Martens :)

  2. wow i totally love this look <3 you look just awesome!

  3. Love it, especially the white docs!
    Brooke @ what2wear

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  5. Whoa love this outfit. You definitely have an edgy style and pull off the whole look well. Nice lipstick too =)


  6. such a cute outfit!!

  7. such a cool outfit, i love everything about this! the lipstick looks awesome on you! xx



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