22 October 2012

† Sales and finds!

I love poking around in eBay stores based in China/Hong Kong/Taiwan etc. The prices don't make my bank account sad, and there's always something awesome that I come across.

Case in point, $5 ombre tights from xwsm. Free shipping.

Love it. Direct link to the sale page.

Also, Karmaloop has a cool sale going on -- 25% off everything with a Halloween-themed spider web. There were a few things I'd been wanting that I snagged on sale, like The Crush Jacket in black by Civil and UNIF's Death Christian Tee. Happy face for meeeeee.

Outfit post coming soon!

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  1. i've never seen ombre tights before, i love these. i might go and get a few pairs thankyou for showing these x



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