22 May 2013

Not a Lot Going On At the Moment

I'll be the first to admit that this post is kind of a cop-out. My clothes-muse skipped town and left me with no enthusiasm or motivation for doing anything creative.

So. Polyvore. This is what I would wear if I could? Or if I ever left my house?

i never liked you anyway

Which one would you wear?

Edit: The following conversation happened regarding this post.
Gin: lol i sense a theme with the shirts
me:  one of luv and happiness i'm sure
Gin: basically everything is like MEH LEAVE ME ALONE
me:  accurate.


  1. Haha it's not a cop-out post! I think outfit sets are really cute !I really need to get into polyvore! My favorite would have to be outfit set #1. The glasses and shorts with lace trim are to die for!

    Twitter: Sensiblestylist

  2. Eeeeew I love the "I'll never like you" tee!!
    Need it now haha
    Nice pairing girl :) have a great week end and thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. I love these outfits, you've picked some great things and have great style! x



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