16 September 2013

Too Ugly for LA

I saw Page Ruth (above, givin' her best Miley) modeling for this brand on Instagram and loved it immediately. They're called Too Ugly For LA, and their slogans work because they're (ironically) true. Probably because I just moved to Los Angeles, but I cracked up as soon as I saw the "You'd never make it in LA" oversized tank.  I love it, I want it, etc.

I suspect Amanda Bynes would be totally into the self-titled "Too Ugly" shirt if she wasn't, uh, locked up somewhere.

My second fav, definitely: "Stay in school or this could be you." What do you guys think? They're definitely appealing to a niche market, but would you put it on? 

On the web: http://shoptoouglyforla.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TooUglyForLa 


  1. Hahah all the words are true! Cool!:D I love your blog<3

  2. hahah lol. I like all those tees. My inner Amanda Bynes wants them so bad.

  3. I'm thinking about moving to LA after I graduate from my school in like a year and a half. Lol this post scares me, but I definitely want to go still. How do you like it so far? Where are you from and why the move? I'm gonna follow you! Thanks for sharing.

    Raven Rosie

  4. I like this design. It's interesting.
    The T-shirt are so cute.

  5. you have a lovely blog <3 awesome pics and tees!!

  6. Haha these shirts are kinda funny and cool at the same time.
    I love the last shirt! :P

    Alysia x


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