05 October 2013


..... your very first project gets axed.

It gets metaphorically packed up and driven away in a truck like this picture.

I've talked to so many people who tell me stories like, "I played lead against David Spade in an pilot episode for Fox," or, "We spent six hours getting into wardrobe and makeup for the battle scene!" I get excited and ask, "cool, what show was that??" and they sort of eyeball the ground, shrug and say, "oh, well, it didn't get picked up," "they cut that scene out of the movie," or "it was never released."

So it happens. A lot.

LA River: once Hilary Duff landed a spaceship here?

I spent a day hanging out by the LA river after answering a casting call to be a "bad kid" in a music video for an upcoming musician. There were about ten of us in the bad kid family pack, and together we roamed under bridges, into tunnels, and across train tracks. We swung weaponry we found on playgrounds or stole out of sheds and generally did our best to look fierce at all times.

The crew was legit. There were cookies.

I was faceless until the nice artist painted it on.

To be fair, the production had a quality of Doomed From the Start about it: we were kicked out of places due to lack of appropriate filming permits, nearly became felons by hanging out on train tracks, and all wore lingering expressions of, "wait, what are we supposed to be doing now?" 

Most of the bad kids, looking fierce even before getting makeup/hair done.

I did a lot of dancing, fist pumping, weapon banging, and dirt kicking that I presume looked awesome on camera (how could it not) but shall never see the light of a public screen. A few weeks after we filmed, I saw the artist at an event, bounced over happily to ask on the status of the music video, and was handed the bad news instead: they were going to reshoot it. Everything we shot had been cut.

Our director is definitely going to hit the A-list some day. You can tell by the way that he points.

Why was it cut? Creative differences. It's always creative differences. 

Cue my sadface. Regardless, I got to hang out with really neat crew members, get makeup did, dance around silly, and visit some parts of Los Angeles that most people don't get to see. (Because they're not legal.)

Note that I was also having the best. hair day. ever.

Here's a still from the never-before-seen, never-to-be-seen music video, and here's hoping that none of my other projects get cut, right?!


  1. buu that sucks! it seems like some cool scene that now ill never get to see :(
    At least you had fun, right?

  2. Wow!!! I love your makeup, great role you played.
    Mind following one another? on gfc bloglovin and g+
    I will sure follow you back.
    Have a lovely Monday.

  3. Gutting that happened to you but so glad you can see the positives in a situation like that- thats the only way to be :) Your hair looks amazing too! X

  4. Ahh man that sounds rough. Working hard and hours on something that never sees the light of day. But it's good that you're still hopeful because a lot of people get discouraged and then give up.

  5. So sorry that happened to you, but these pictures look great and I'm sure your positive attitude will ensure something good will happen!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  6. Really sorry about what happened, but I'm sure you'll get something better next time (: Following you!

    Abigail x

  7. Aww noo, that's such a shame! :'(
    Looks like a tonne of fun though, i love shooting on set. Doesn't it just make u feel so special <3



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