26 October 2013

VAMPS Halloween Party 2013

I love it when two of my favorite things come together in perfect harmony -- like good makeup products for cheap, adorable monsters, or black & white. This round of yin-yang swirled lollipop perfection is.... JAPANESE STREET FASHION + HALLOWEEN.

There's this Japanese rockstar dude named Hyde (if you've spent more than five minutes watching anime in your life, you probably have heard of him) that puts on huge Halloween parties because he's a Japanese rockstar and Halloween is the best, and why not? Seems pretty straightforward to me. The party attendees get together their best looks, amp it up with a spooky twist, then serve it on a silver platter of fierceness to their rock god.

The good people at Tokyo Fashion caught street snaps of the parties for the last two years, and I've picked out my favorites. Maybe they'll give you some inspiration for your own looks!

Halloween jester makeup

Anime style couple in costume

Spooky twin costume

Scary Japanese twin masks

Harajuku style Halloween

Clown jester and wolf costume couple

Queens of hearts
Cute Japanese pumpkin girls

Pastel zombie couple

Animal makeup with grey fur

Two boys dressed as monochrome clowns

Kawaii girly colorful monster costumes

Elegant gothic lolita covered in blood

Androgynous Beetlejuice style suit

Japanese Halloween wig

Japanese zombie Halloween group

Cute Alice costume

Jester pair

White and black costume pairing

My Melody Hello Kitty dress DIY


  1. Oh man, these costumes are amaaazing!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is lovely, and I'm following you now. :)

    xox Sammi


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