26 October 2013

Secret Sale??

Willam Belli not sorry about it gif

Guys. PLNDR just pushed a code via mobile that is INSANE. Everything, EVERYTHING, for 65% off. The code went live an hour ago (11am PT) and I don't know how long it's going to last/how long it's going to be before someone at the HQ comes to their senses, but.......


I don't know if I'm supposed to share it?? But it's amazing. I can't not. No minimum spend. No restrictions. 65% off. I just got Widow, Voodoo Girl, and Someday's Lovin for under $50. 

Go. Shop. Win.

PS, you can use my repcode ("amenfashionxx") at checkout ALONG WITH the discount code, for another 10% off. what???? WHAT?? Madness.


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