12 November 2013

† Moi Non Plus

Black maxi dress styled with camo.

Tous les jours je suis hustlin dress.

Knot a maxi dress to make it shorter.

Black maxi dress styled with camo jacket.
Wearing: Urban Outfitters dress, Franco Sarto boots, and camo jacket gifted from my dad.

Tous les jours, je suis hustlin'. Or in English, errryday I'm hustlin. This dress triggered fond memories of high school French class, so when it went on sale at Urban Outfitters, I made it mine. Did you know that Alouette is actually a fairly violent song about plucking a bird's feathers off its body after lulling it into false safety by calling it gentille? True story.

Quick protip for short girls that like long dresses: don't be afraid to knot the bottom of the dress or skirt! It makes the hem a little more interesting and you won't be tripping over the thing all day. Saving you from tripping over your own clothes since 2012.

I random-number-generated the winner of the OASAP Fall Sweater Giveaway this morning and sent out an email -- thank you to everyone who threw their name in the hat. Should I do more giveaways? 

Also, doesn't my dad have good taste in clothes? Ha! ♥


  1. I can't pull off a maxi dress. Makes me look short. Looks great on you though! And thanks for the compliment on my url, haha so sweet. :)



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