05 December 2013


I've worn a ton of different hats in the last few weeks...

I learned this face from Manson.

I promise that bracelet is from a concert and not a hospital.

... Literally! Har, har. Everyone says "literally" in Los Angeles but actually uses it the right way: "I literally walked into the door" when their body made actual contact with the door, so while I've made a point never to use it in the hyperbolic sense, I don't know what to do about the literal sense. It keeps sneaking into my vocabulary.

Those are some truly frightening hat selfies but like I was going to keep the puffy gold turban all to myself.

But I really have been jumping around through a lot of different things. I've been lurking around the background of some tv shows, eating all of the food from craft services at Fox Studios, interning in PR showrooms, styling a handful of projects, and perpetually wondering how I'll pay next month's rent.

Did you see me on 2 Broke Girls or The Crazy Ones? I was in your living room and you didn't even know it. (Awkwaaaard.)

Bonus picture of Daniel Radcliffe's back because it's DANIEL RADCLIFFE.

This month holds an equal amount of uncertainty and promise, but hopefully with more pictures since I have my camera back in my little hands. While LA is occasionally an absurd place where your worth is measured by your bottle service, there's a lot to be said for the comfort of strangers, the grace of family, and "HOLLYWOOD" tossed up in white letters on the side of an unattractive, glorified hill right outside my apartment.

I basically still act like a tourist and I am at peace with this.

Check out some of these showrooms that people have not only let me voluntarily into, but also let me TOUCH OBJECTS inside. $4000 dress? Cool, no big deal, let me straighten that skirt. Oh, sorry, I just dropped your $700 cuff on the floor. It's fine, you have a whole cabinet of $700 cuffs. Those are paltry compared to the cabinet of $2000 cuffs, anyway.

Cow goes moo, frog goes croak, and the elephant goes...


  1. Wow, which episode of 2 Broke Girls were you in? I'll make sure to catch it and try to make you out!

  2. It amazes me that I can miss LA when I know how much I hate it.




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